The Forum seeks to act as a live knowledge center, 
providing access to the most up-to-date regulations.
We aim to demonstrate industry practices with topics including ICO’s, KYC, and AML.
The Israeli Blockchain Forum looks forward to making 
a meaningful impact in Israel and around the world in blockchain technology. 

The Anti-Money Laundering Committee is responsible

for understanding key issues in blockchain regulation in regards to safety and the ways in which both regulatory bodies and corporate actions are developing ways to tackle AML in the blockchain industry.


The Banking Committee focuses on blockchain use cases within global financial industries, specifically focusing on cryptocurrency uses and the ways in which the economy is changing due to ICO’s, digital wallets, etc.


The Tax & ISA Committee concentrates on global tax regulation for blockchain technology use cases and focuses mostly on the ISA and the ways in which Israel will handle blockchain technology from a tax perspective.


The Political Committee works closely with Israeli regulatory bodies and global systems. The Committee focuses on the ways in which politics effects blockchain in various industries from across the globe.